“Be like the water making It’s way through the cracks. Do not be assertive but adjust to the object and you shall find a way round or through it. If nothing within you stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.” – Bruce Lee

Accessible or adaptive yoga as I us...

In spite of the fact that the number of people practicing yoga in America has increased 50% in the past 4 years, there are still many people who think that they have to be thin, bendy and young to practice Yoga. The yoga and aquatic therapy world can offer a safe place...

Stress really can be a killer, and heart disease is still the number one leading cause for deaths in the USA with stroke at number 5.  It is thought to claim more lives than all forms of cancer put together, and so how can we try and balance our lives so this does not...

Want to know something that is going to affect YOU?

No one not one of us will escape the ravages of Father Time.

Over the many years of teaching, I have seen people in land and aqua classes return to yoga after a period of life consuming activities, injury or just genera...

“If you want to demonstrate just how significant the pressure is a foot under water, try having the person don a facemask and breathe through a PVC tube from a foot under water. It feels like you have an elephant on your chest.” – Bruce Becker

The major force on land is...

Its been years since I have had a serious cold, but this Winter I had been struck down with a virilant pesky strain of flu that I could not shake.


4 weeks of sinus congestion and a cough left my body weak and strained. Little wonder that after a lovely but challen...

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More Benefits for Asana in Salt Water

January 24, 2015

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