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Yoga in the water is a new and exciting modality for a yoga practice. Many students may find yoga on a mat somewhat limiting or frustrating, and may have difficulty getting into certain poses.

Yoga in the pool is an amazing place to experience the many benefits of yoga.The feeling of weightlessness in the water takes the stress out of challenged joints
and stabilizes them to free muscular tightness or discomfort.

Experienced yoga students are finding that they can take their practice to a whole new level by practicing familiar or new poses on a deeper level. In addtiton, they are finding a new element for their restorative practice to unwind and relax.

Benefits of Yoga
in the Water
The supportive environment of the pool not only provides easier access to muscles & joints, it allows for a deeper sense of the mind/body connection. The practice is committed to the belief that everyone should feel fabulous, at least some of the time.


Aqua Kriya Yoga Book

​For both the student and teacher. Learn how to realize a more meaningful practice in the water.

Aqua Yoga
Why "Kriya"?


Kriya Yoga is the only “yoga" that is referred to in the ancient text written by yoga sage, Patanjali. 

He also stipulated that asana(poses) should be comfortable and stable, and for many, this can only be achieved in the water.


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 Training 2023  

Teacher Certification Dates

Level 1 (2 days)

Virtual Online April 20-21 2024

New format 

with Bonus Video's 

9 am - 3 pm Pacific USA


Level 2 (3 days) Virtual online

June 2-4 2023

 yoga specialist cert


Tons of Bonus material and collaboration with peers.  


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2 hour video plus handout

Ai Chi Yoga Continuing Ed

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"When I first attended Camella's Aqua Yoga class I weighted over 300 lbs and was living with Fibromyalgia which causes a lot of pain in the joints. From the very first time I attended her class I was very relaxed and pain free for about 3 hours, which for me was remarkable at that time. 

Camella encouraged me to take the training so that I could teach and help others that

had physical limitations because in the wateryou can move freely. I felt very empowered

and was able after Camella's encouragementto sub for her class. 

Today, Aqua Yoga is a vital part of my healthy program. I eatvery healthy exercise

4 days a week and I am now mostly pain free and at a much healthier weight.  Now

both my daughterand husband attend Camella's Kriya Aqua Yoga class with me each week.

Thanks for everything!"

~Rosa White-student turned Aqua Yoga instructor-Saratoga 2007

Accessible Yoga  and ATRI Conferences 







Aqua Yoga

  Committed to helping people remaining c lucid and ambulatory with aqua yoga.

  Education in memory care at;


No Previous Experience Needed!

Aqua Yoga is a practice that is not limited to yoga students. Anyone and everyone
can benefit from the movement and holding of positions in the water. Conscious movement helps to move prana (vital energy) and can help us become more self-aware of our body and our lifestyle.  Students often have an overall sense of improved well being, even after one class.

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