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Camella is a pioneer in the field of Aqua Yoga and is dedicated to sharing her expertise and knowledge with all who seek to serve more diverse populations.

2024 - level 1 training

April 20-21 Virtual online plus lectures sent ahead of time.

Bonus video's.  18 CEU's 

Extra bonus video's 

$395  9 am - 3 pm sat/sun zoom live

workbook, videos and lesson plans as well as bonus videos sent out prior to 

zoom weekend training to help absorb the vast amount of information more easily and limit the amount of time,

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2024- level 2 Training 
Virtual online  22 CEU's 
Extra Bonus Video's 
level 1 a pre-requisite
$595  9 am - 2 pm 
details on facebook 

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 A bit about level 1


Learn to teach Aqua Yoga or deepen your practice with this Aqua Kriya Yoga certification weekend. Camella has pioneered Aqua Yoga in the USA for 20 years and trained and educated hundreds of students, many of whom are reaching out with this discipline in order to make Yoga more Accessible. Camella is on faculty with ATRI (The Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute and will be lecturing for them in 2021)

Aqua Kriya Yoga is recognized as a Specialty School with IAYT (International School of Yoga Therapists), and there are 2 levels of training to become an Aqua Yoga Specialist. (40 hrs)

Camella is not only a direct disciple in the Kriya Lineage (Kriya yoga is the only yoga mentioned in the Yoga Sutras), but is also one of the few ordained female Swamis in the lineage. She also graduated in higher seminary and is a home funeral guide, Ayurvedic Health Educator and written books on Aqua Kriya Yoga as well as Prenatal Kriya Yoga as well as guidebooks on Kriya Vinyasa and conversational Death cards.
As a mature student, she teaches the full spectrum of yoga from meditation to asana to self-transformation.

What you can expect to learn;
Due to Covid, this is now going to be an online classroom training.
There will be supplementary Bonus Videos also for this course.

~Understand what Aqua Kriya Yoga is and how it can serve the diverse population.
~Understand how to structure a class.
~Practice demonstration and communication in a pool group setting.
~Learn to translate yoga poses into the water and their benefits
~Understand the relationship between the body/breath and mind
~Learn how to use props to assist and enhance poses
~Understand how to articulate poses to fit individual needs
~Be a pioneer in a leading edge method that benefits a growing mature population by keeping them mobile and supple.
This training can be adjusted to accommodate teachers with or without yoga background.
You will receive a workbook PDF and master training class breakdowns as well as continued support by Camella,
For those without a yoga background, an introduction to yoga and its use as a healing & therapeutic modality will be added.
The Weekend Training Module is 18 contact hours
Cost for the weekend training is $395.


Imagine this scenario. You loved practicing Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) as a young man. Then life challenged you and you had a stroke. 13 years of PT and you forgot how to breathe and practice yoga. Until that is, you found yoga in the water and rekindled your love for the practice. 

If we think life circumstances get in the way of our spiritual evolution, we defame the ancient teaching that embrace all having the opportunity of enlightenment through self-discipline and study. This is the practice of Kriya Yoga which has its roots in conscious action. 

Never give up hope. All we can be sure of in life is change

Refund Policy:

Full refund only up to 1 month prior to event

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