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Aqua Yoga Book

"Aqua Kriya Yoga" Book

Taking yoga off of the sticky mat and into the water.

For both the student and teacher. Camella's book "Aqua Kriya Yoga"

is a pioneer in the field of Aqua Kriya Yoga.

Volitional, engaged, spiritual action in the water.

Cost: from $16.95

Plus packing & shipping

Please order through HERE

"I personally can't wait to try postures and mantra in the hot tub...very enlightening."

~Lilias Folan

Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, PBS host and author of "Yoga Gets Better with Age"

"From a psychological point of view, her programs have an immense impact on the self-esteem and growing confidence of her students."

~William Yabroff

PhD, Professor Emeritus, Fielding Graduate Institute in Clinical Psychology

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