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Hosting an Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher Certification:


If you would like to host a teacher training in your area:


~Find a pool. 

~We offer free or greatly reduced  training for the host teacher

~We will offer resources to find locations and attract students to your training

~We will list your training on our calendar and in our monthly newsletter

~Most locations will require attendance of at least 8

~For Certification outside of the continental US, contact camellafor pricing:



Benefits of hosting an Aqua Kriya Yoga Training are:


~Upon receiving 8 paid sign ups, receive one complimentary training for you or another instructor (a $395 value) This would be in lieu of or in combination with facility charges.

~Aqua Kriya Yoga is certified though Yoga Alliance for 18 CEC's, also APFA, AEA and ACE (petition them for CEU's)
~Be on the ground floor of offering this hot new trend in the yoga and water fitness worlds.

~Have your training dates and locations listed on our website.


For more info, contact camella

About Teacher Training

Level 1 Aqua Kriya Yoga Training:

Weekend Training Module –18 contact hours
Tuition is $395

Level 2 Aqua Kriya Yoga Training

3 Day Weekend Training Module-22 contact hours

Tuition is $595

Training Content: level 1- open to anyone

~Understsand what Aqua Kriya Yoga is and how it can serve the diverse population.

~Understand how to structure a class.

~Practice demonstration and communication in a pool group setting.

~Learn to translate yoga poses into the water and their benefits.

~Understand the relationship between the body/breath and mind

~Learn how to use props to assist and enhance poses
~Understand how to articulate poses to fit individual needs

~Be a pioneer in a leading edge method that benefits a growing mature population by keeping them mobile and supple.


This training can be adjusted to accommodate teachers with or without yoga background. For those without a yoga background, an introduction to yoga and its use as a healing & therapeutic modality will be added.


Required Reading:

Should be purchased & read before the course:

"Aqua Kriya Yoga" by Camella Nair






Recommended Reading:

"The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga" by Goswami Kriyananda


Training 2021















Level 1 and level 2 Spring  Virtual/online Training now open to registration 

Stay tuned as dates and locations develop. Make sure that you are on our mailing list and we will keep you informed as more training opportunities develop.

Why not host a training where you live?













Alumni Special Retrain

Alumni are invited to "refresh" their training when space allows, 

for $108. 


Aqua Yoga
Aqua Yoga teacher training
Why Teach Aqua Yoga?
This innovative modality was designed by yoga teacher and Swami, Camella Nair. She designed this program mostly to bring the physical practice of yoga to those that found yoga on the mat too challenging or limiting for their bodies.  Her dedication to the form of yoga inspired her to write a book; "Aqua Kriya Yoga". She also has been certified through The Yoga Alliance and AFPA to teach this class to yoga teachers and water fitness instructors.
If you are passionate about your students and want to help them find more ease in their bodies and peace of mind, then this is an excellent practice to add to your teaching repertoire. This will allow you as a teacher to grow your business, build your student base, as well as help you to bring your passion for what you do to help others in a new and effective way.


Teacher Certification - Level 2 

A clinical setting for this level 2 Aqua Yoga Specialist Training.

Level 1 certification is a pre-requisite for level 2 Aqua Yoga Specialist Certification. Locations and dates under training registration page. 

Level 1 is 18 CEU's and level 2 is 22, culminating in a 40 hr CEU program which really helps to make yoga a viable option for so many people.

Student Program Acceptance Requirements:

* Students should have completed level 1 AKY Training.

* Student should have a 200 hr Yoga Certification or provide written documentation of experiential work and achievements for level 2 consideration.

* Student should write and submit a brief outline on what they want to achieve by teaching Aqua Yoga to specific populations after completing and graduating in level 2 training.

* Student should write a brief paragraph about how they have been implementing Aqua Yoga in their personal or with their students since completing level 1 training.

* Student should have registered and paid tuition in full prior to training.

* Upon successful completion, student will be awarded a certificate as an Aqua Yoga Specialist.

* Registration for AYS is renewed each year to remain active on AKY website. (annual fee of $25)

* Additional CEU's are required every 3 years to stay on registry. (15 hrs in any complementary field)

Mermaid Yoga

We are always amazed at the number of people that come to our trainings and consider themselves Mermaids at Heart. Are you one?



"I am a stroke survivor. For the last fourteen years, I have survived and for the last fourteen year I have been involved in therapy. I have tried and done everything. I rode a horse, had acupuncture and massages. I stretched, worked out with weights, and I swam. Water yoga is remarkable. My instructor stresses breathing. I had forgotten what that meant."

~Thomas Matola, PhD

Author of "Don't Pull the Plug

Aqua Yoga
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