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Aqua Yoga, Camella Nair

Check Out Camella's Other Offerings:

~Camella's Dharma

~Prenatal Kriya Yoga Home Study

~Cooking the Yoga Sutras

~Death Conversation & Insight Cards

Conference & Symposium 2020

Sedona Yoga Festival  March 12-15

Womens retreat Sedona March 15-18 full

ATRI Chicago April 23-26

ATRI  Symposium Florida June 23-26

Aqua Yoga Retreat Florida June 26-29


About Camella- Pioneer in Aqua Yoga

Swami Nibhrtananda  ATRI-C C-IAYT


Camella has been practicing yoga since she was 17 years old, accompanying her mum to class where she lived in Bedford, England. Since that time, yoga has provided her the path on which she has traveled to this point in her life.

Because of her extensive training and life experiences, Camella has been inspired to create and develop programs for yoga teachers and students, so that they may find the same guidance and wisdom that a yoga path has brought to her. She is one of a few female swami’s and hopes to bring the ancient teachings to a level to be understand and utilized by all.


Camella’s education and experiences are quite extensive:

~E-RYT through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago

~P-RYT through Yoga Alliance

~Ordained Swami through the Temple of Kriya Yoga

~Certified Yoga Teacher for MS

~Studied with Russil Paul in Music, Mantra and Meditation

~Certified as a Ayurvedic Health Educator and Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher

~Certified in Death Mid-Wifery; Home Funerals & Green Burials

~Leads retreats, workshops and special events teaching philosophy, asana, mantra and meditation; she is usually the chef

~ She is a regular contributor to online magazines such as, “Elephant Journal” & “The Edge”, and has written for blogs and newsletters

- On faculty with ATRI Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute.


These experiences have inspired her to create:

~Aqua Kriya Yoga- authored a book and a Teacher Certification program (2 levels)

~Prenatal Kriya Yoga-authored a book and a Teacher Home Study Program

~Cooking the Yoga Sutras-an online Home Study Program that uses cooking as a metaphor for the ancient teachings

~Vinyasa Kriya Yoga-systematized flow of yoga poses and teacher training program that builds in escalation and momentum; has its roots in the Kriya tradition of rotational breathing around the spine to neutralize karma, increase self-awareness and attunement to higher source.

~Death Conversation & Insight Cards-50 cards that stimulate conversation about the mystery of death


“I am passionate about self transformation and the potential that we all have to seek and sustain greater balance and self-awareness in our lives. I am also passionate about making the Kriya teachings more accessible and meaningful in our daily lives so that the spiritual life and the life of a householder are integrated. To me, life is a school for the soul, and we should try to find joy, peace and happiness where possible. Yoga is an amazing science that helps us on our individual path.”

In the Kriya Dharma,



Oasis pool.jpg

Here is the Agenda; (subject to change)
Friday June 26th        Arrival 5 pm.  
                                    Dinner 6 pm
                                    Circle time and Aqua Yoga Class  7.00 - 9 pm
Saturday                    Optional Meditation  7- 7 30 am
                                    Aqua Yoga               8-9 am 
                                    Breakfast                  9 - 10 am
                                    Workshop  Land     10.30 - 12.00 pm
                                    Lunch                     12.30 -1.30 pm
                                    Workshop   Pool     2.30 - 3.30 pm
                                    Dinner                     6 pm - 7.30 pm
                                    Candle lit float/meditation   8.00- 9.00 pm
Sunday                       Pool breath-work/meditation    8- 9 am
                                    Breakfast                   9.30 am - 10.30 am
                                    Workshop land          11 am - 12.00 pm
                                    Lunch                         1 pm - 2.30 pm
                                    Workshop pool        3.30 pm - 4.30 pm
                                    Dinner                        6 pm - 7.30 pm
                                    Dancing Lotus Pool    8.00- pm - 9.30 pm
Monday                      Pool                            7.30 am - 8.30 am
                                   Breakfast and close    9.30 am - 11 am
Depart 11 am

A private and intimate personal development Retreat in Ft Myers Florida 

June 26-29th. (Fri-Mon) all meals

2 beds left:

1 single bed in twin room $450 all inc

1 bunk bed in triple room $420 all inc

email me

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