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Registered Aqua Yoga Specialists

The first level 2 specialists
Learning new skills

Level 1 is a prerequisite for level 2 training.

I am interested in therapy schools adding aqua yoga to their extended yoga therapy training programs, and you can contact me at camyoga@gmail to discuss.

Yoga Specialists have been dedicated to the Path of Aqua Yoga and have stepped up to the challenge of helping people find ways of incorporating Yoga into their lives in a medium they feel comfortable in. 

They have passed level 1 and level 2 training (40 contact hrs) and are contributing to the yoga therapy world with their knowledge and expertise in this field. Below are registered contacts.

Betsy Pines Levinson   Houston TX

Brabara Capone    Phoenix

Christina Andrini   New Orleans

Marie Fredrickson   Minnesota

Skye Walker   Arizona 

Erin Pantelis   Florida

Suzanne Ozanne-Warm   Roseville CA

Christa Fairbrother    Florida

Jerrilyn Parker      Houston

Katherine Winge    Austin

Lisa Lucy             Dallas

Mea Ebenbichler    Houston

Sandi Tindal       Dallas

The next wave of specialists will come late in 2020. Connect of FB for details as they unfold. Aqua yoga Therapy  page


Visionary mentality
Aqua Yoga-Illinois
Aqua Yoga-California
Aqua Yoga-Georgia
Aqua Yoga
Aqua Yoga-Texas
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