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Camella Nair


Kriya Yoga is the only “yoga" that is referred to in the ancient text written by yoga sage, Patanjali. He only stipulated that asana(poses) should be comfortable and stable, and for many, this can only be achieved in the water.


These texts were written thousands of years ago to help us find greater harmony and balance in our everyday lives. Through these wise words, we are encouraged to apply the concepts of self-study and self-discipline so that we may reach that alignment with harmony and our full potential. By taking the physical practice of yoga into the pool, many can realize periods of ease and access to where they normally have little or none. In fact, many progress more rapidly in the water environment.  In the freedom that the water brings, these practitioners are no longer distracted by the physical body and can find an alignment deep within themselves.


About the Kriya Lineage: The Kriya lineage that Camella has been ordained into has an unbroken line of teachers that impart the mystical teachings of yoga in the oral tradition. Kriya is a conscious, volitional, engaged spiritual action that is based upon self-discipline and self-study. It’s all about making yoga real for the householder and not just the yogi in a cave. Camella is one of the few women priests in the Kriya lineage that is formerly teaching. 

About "Kriya"Yoga

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