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Aging and Exercise for a Lifetime

Want to know something that is going to affect YOU?

No one not one of us will escape the ravages of Father Time.

Over the many years of teaching, I have seen people in land and aqua classes return to yoga after a period of life consuming activities, injury or just general wear and tear over time. What I tend to see is dedicated and focused people who are determined to continue their yoga practice from where they left off years before. If they did not have a formal yoga practice as such, they very often have lead their colorful lives unknowingly practicing the Yamas and Niyamas. (Just common sense ways to live our lives)

In a previous blog I spoke about one of my remarkable students in her 80’s that came to yoga just a few years ago to find inner peace at the end of her life. Yoga is really for a lifetime of practice and change that time brings. Luckily now there are more gentle classes available like chair, restorative and Aqua Yoga to cope with these changes as our body degenerates.

Prolonging a healthy life is something that gives us more time with our families and friends and to complete life time ambitions that will become our legacy.

The super thing about hatha yoga is that many of the poses can actually enhance people’s lives, perhaps beyond general exercises and PT, and are defined as being ‘therapeutic’ if applied correctly.

At the moment there is a well-established network of PT’s who are working with clients in and out of the water who are rehabilitating by utilizing various methods in the water such as A-Chi, Watsu and Pilates. Yoga at the moment is hardly ever on the list of options in the water and I think that this will change as people are becoming more aware of yoga and how it can adapt into the pool environment and improve body function as a minimum. The mind also can improve with a conscious practice.

Buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure in fact add to the benefits of hatha yoga and bringing more unctuousness into the fragile, aging body.

Next blog will be about how aqua yoga can be efficacious to the top causes of death.

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