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The Zodiac of Water

Understanding ourselves better using powerful Water Symbols

In the traditional system of yoga our life journey is one of self-exploration, improvement and evolution. Astrology has long been a method to interpret how planetary forces and timing manifests in our lives bringing opportunities to grow spiritually. We all have our own unique varying perspectives on life and the circumstances we face, depending on how adept we are at practicing the yoga of self-discipline and study, but there are primary traits that tend to indicate the first layer of our personality that is resonant with millions of people that share the same Sun sign.

Kriya Yoga has its root in action (Kriya) and life is an opportunity for us to grow by practicing Self-Discipline (Tapas) and Self-Study (Svadhyaya)

Check out the following fun water lovers guide to personality traits and symbols and see if it have some bearing on the way you and those around you navigate life experiences. If we know how a person tends to react, we have a better opportunity of understanding symbols and emotional traits that they typically have very little control over. This is important if we are learning how to respond and not to react to other people as we don't have the same approach to events and circumstances, and that's 'dumb luck' by being born under a specific Sun sign.

There are 12 Signs in the Zodiac. 6 masculine and 6 feminine which are linked to the major chakras or energetic centers in the body associated with the spinal axis, which interestingly is the route of the soul from darkness at the tail bone to enlightenment at the point between the eyebrows, often known as the Sun center. "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom", according to Socrates, and in order to become wiser and improve our life it is important to rewire our mind and its attitudes by studying what Goswami Kriyananda said is a fascinating subject - You!


All things in the universe, things being everything that is not Spirit or undifferentiated consciousness known as Purusha, is made up of elements. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. The zodiac signs are linked to the more gross expressions of these elements and we will look at each group to see how they may be seen in the way specific groups of people that share the same Sun sign tend to approach life.


Just as each sign is associated with an element, so too do they each have a particular quality that tends to shape our personality and how we tend to come across to others. The qualities are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable and some indicators that can be seen are as follows.

Cardinal signs - Tend to be dynamic and extroverted - ARIES, CAPRICORN, LIBRA, CANCER

Fixed signs - Tend to be observational and more introverted - LEO, TAURUS, AQUARIUS, SCORPIO

Mutable signs - Tend to be adaptable and responsive - SAGGITARIUS, VIRGO, GEMINI, PISCES

Just like making a cake, there are several factors that come together to make the end product. (your mind) The element and quality along with the dominant way to express oneself (we'll get to that) is mapped as 12 zodiac signs in the system of Astrology. As symbols are powerful I have used familiar' watery' symbols that may be resonant with aqua exercise lovers in particular to help you understand them better.


Fire signs are said to be BOLD, ENTHUSIASTIC, IMPULSIVE


Expression "I AM"


As a cardinal sign this person will tend to be extroverted and dynamic. The image is of people bathing in a hot spring that irrupts from the earth spontaneously like an impulse. The hot water asserts itself just like the Aries personality that always want to get up and do something in a bold manner. "I am here", and don't we know it!

Fire B) LEO

Expression "I WILL"


As a fixed sign this person will tend to be more observational and introverted. The image is of someone at the top of a very steep water slide. Leo will be creative and usually strive to be boss in some way because 'they will' to be the king of the Jungle and will find creative ways to get there so people an see just how creative they are. "Just look at me" and we can't help but do that as their fire is so bright.


Expression "I ASPIRE"


As a mutable sign this person will tend to be quite adaptable and responsive. The picture I chose to symbolize this sign is the Earth which probably should have been called. "The Water." Just like water, the Sagittarius likes to 'get out there' and spread themselves all over the place. Usually the best asset to the party list they don't like rules and regulations or to be confined. They can be enthusiastic like the other two fire signs but maybe the impulses need to be somewhat restrained. The fire element is linked to Pitta and the stage of life when we are making our mark in the worlds as an adult.


Earth signs are said to be PRACTICAL, CAUTIOUS, STUBBORN


Expression "I USE"


As a cardinal sign this person is very practical, which used to be called. Common sense. Caution and stubbornness are also traits of the Earth signs but it brings dependability and loyalty. Capricorns like to be in the place they know they were born to be which is on top of the ladder. Their practicality allows them to be resourceful and use whatever is at their disposal. In the picture we see a meandering river carving its way through the earth on its journey to the sea. Unstoppable!

Earth b) TAURUS

Expression "I HAVE"


As a Fixed sign Taurus can also be very practical, cautious and stubborn. The picture is of a well and the man is covering it up as 'Its mine!" and he wants to protect what is 'his.' Material possessions are important as 'what I have' is an expression of status and what has been achieved through hard work.

Earth c) VIRGO

Expression "I ANALYZE"


The mutable Virgo sign can also be very practical, cautious and stubborn and this third Earth sign that often times 'sees the elephant in the room' and calls it out so everyone else sees it too. The image is of the reflection pond at the beautiful Taj Mahal and the analytical Virgo who often is seen as being critical is mostly looking at their own stuff and trying to improve that, especially with regard to their own health and wellbeing. The Annamaya Kosha is the food sheath or the physical body, and they tend to like to keep fit and healthy as Its the most earth centric part of our anatomy.


Air signs are said to be INTELLECTUAL, SOCIAL, DETATCHED

Air a) LIBRA

Expression "I BALANCE"


Cardinal Libra in the element of air which tends to exhibit intellect, a sociable nature and/or being somewhat detached. The Libra is represented as scales and everyone loves the Libra sense of just wanting to get along with everyone as well a way of bringing esthetic beauty into everything they do. The picture shows water lovers in an aquatic group setting. Why do anything by yourself when practicing with a a group of friends is much more fun.


Expression "I KNOW"


Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign and just like the sail boat, they like to be 'out there with new ideas' and somewhat detached as they pursue new and unusual ideas. They are after all 'know it all's' or think they know it all. As a fixed sign their creatively manifests often in pioneering ways. Intellectual and somewhat introverted


Expression "I THINK"


The last of the air signs is Gemini and it is associated with communication. It is mutable which makes it adaptable and responsive or at least when things the channels of communication are working well. Recent events have shown us what happens when the channel of trade/communication becomes blocked as it was when the massive container ship got stuck in the Suez canal. Ideas can come thru the element of air but they are not necessarily well organized or even amount to anything on a practical level. In Ayurveda, the air quality brings change and often disease when it is not balanced.



Water a) CANCER

Expression "I FEEL"


Water signs tend to be emotional more than anything. Think of baby's who are chubby little bundles of water and looking to mummy for reassurance or to learn something from. Cancer's according to Goswami Kriyananda are the most controlling of all of the signs because they just want to fix everything and 'make it all better', just like archetypical /Mother.' Problems can arise because they 'feel' so much. Never fear, they have a tough shell for defense as after all, being a cardinal sign they are quite bossy. The image is someone cautiously stepping into the water as it is not perhaps something they can control and that may cause them to lose their guard.

Water b) SCORPIO

Expression "I DESIRE"


A fixed sign and so somewhat secretive, the Scorpio who often has a piercing stare can be quite intense. Maybe it is the sting in their tail but cross them and they won't forget it. (or rather you won't) They have new ideas which can make life in the bedroom quite steamy. Watery intensity is depicted in the image which is of a water cannon. Something which we have seen in the news quite a bit over the last year as a means of crowd control.

Water c) PISCES

Expression "I BELIEVE"


The last of the water signs is mutable and so adaptable and responsive to others around them. They can be quite charming yet quite indecisive but who doesn't love a sensitive Pisces. They can be inspirational and quite spiritual, maybe because they tend to have a close affinity to animals and nature.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed this Aqua Lovers take on the Zodiac, It is a work in progress and I will be adding (and probably subtracting) to and from it over the next few months.

Camella (Swami Nibhrtananda) is a Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and is on faculty with the Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute ( She pioneered Aqua Yoga in 2000 and has educated and certified people across the globe on the many benefits of practicing yoga in the water, making yoga accessible to millions of people. She can be contacted at


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