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Aqua Yoga and the multi-dimensional body

"Water is a buoyant, 3-dimensional, holistic, non-momentum environment that is opposite to the 1-dimensional land weighted and momentum prone environment found on land." - Dr Rick Mcavoy

In yoga we practice prone, supine, upright and upside down so we can challenge neurological pathways. Many people who are unfit, older or injured can become somewhat limited in terms of the dimensions they exercise or rehabilitate in. The water can offer so many options to increase proprioception and help educate and inspire a person to know their own body and what it is capable of.

In the water environment, its resistance and accessibility can enable people to train their body multi dimensionally which may be more effective than what they can achieve on land.

The buoyant environment with its flexibility and strength gains can be realized by many along with improvements in balance and muscle memory for improved posture on land. Kinesthetic feedback to the practitioner is rich in the water as it touches the body suit or skin, making self-awareness a viable option for improvements through experimental gains of exercising in the water.

On land, multi tasking may prove stressful but in the water, working muti-dimensionally is possible with clients moving in one direction and limbs extending outwards and even moving in another. An example of this could be walking warrior 1 with arms extended out to sides for more frontal resistance.

People who have been injured or have limited movement on land may be fearful of improving their physical condition but in the water gradual increases in activity can create more resistance and muscle reconditioning opportunities.

Camella (swami Nibhrtananda) has pioneered aqua yoga worldwide for over 20 years. Level 1 and level 2 certifications are online in 2022 and open for registration at


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